On 20th July 2017, ADA(Aqua Design Amano) officially released DOOA which is an alternative for its previous second brand Do! Aqua. Wabikusa Wall 60 was one of the first products DOOA has launched. It is a wall designed to attach Wabikusa and Wabikusa Mats(sponges covered with moss) and makes the water flow through the plants. It can be used for almost any kind of 60cm tank. With its revolutionary system, now we’re able to create an aqua terrarium without the concerns of lack of moisture and flow. I have been using Wabikusa Wall with Neo Glass Terra H36(tank from DOOA) since March 2019, and I’d like to deliver a long term review now in 2020.

Spec and Price

             Here is the basic spec for this product. (From the official website)

Wabikusa Wall 60 

*Includes: Main unit, Wabi-Kusa Mat x 12, TERRA INFLOW PIPE, Suction Cup Clip (Ø 13)

*Compatible with W60 cm tank (glass thickness 5 – 6 mm)

*Outlet / Inlet: Ø 10 / Ø 13 

*Recommended Filter: Super Jet Filter ES -150 (3.5 ℓ / min) 

*Wabi-Kusa (9 Ø) can be installed.

*The use of ADA MOSS COTTON (optional) is recommended to attach aquatic plants to Wabi-Kusa Mat.

Price : $360.00 

image from https://dooa.jp/en/products/category/aquarium/

As you see from the spec above, the wall itself doesn’t do anything. It’s just a wall designed to make water flow efficiently for the plants to keep moisture. Therefore, an appropriate canister filter is required to lift the water up to the very top of the wall. This may be a crucial issue for some people, especially for those who don’t want to spend too much money for equipments, or those who want to have the tank in a place where canister filters can’t be used(such as low shelves).  

Set Up

When I purchased the Wabikusa Wall, I had a concern about how much I could trust the product. “Will it work the way they show in ads?” After using it for a few months, I have concluded the answer is “Yes… but it really depends on the environment(lighting, temperature, types of plants, etc).” I purchased ADA Super Jet Filter ES-150 and ADA AQUASKY G with the wall and placed the tank on an ADA Cube Cabinet. 

For the first layout, I used lava stones and thick driftwood. For the wall part, I used both Wabikusa and Wabikusa Mats. Just like ADA has introduced in some of their magazines and website, I planted hydrocotyle into the holes I made on Wabikusa Mats. What I felt about setting up was….too easy! The attachment part for Wabikusa is quite well designed and I could finish setting up without any stress or trouble. For beginners, Wabikusa Wall 60 will be a perfect choice to start making an aqua terrarium.

Wabikusa Mat “Peacock Moss’

Long Term Review: Pros and Cons

I would say Wabikusa Wall 60 is perfectly built for growing aquatic plants above water. But just a bit too perfect… Plants grow too fast, and within a few months, I totally lost control of them. Especially Hydrocotyle grew vigorously and covered the wall. If you want to keep the plants organised, I highly recommend you to trim your plants every week. Well, that’s something I should be glad because now I can confidently say “it works!”

 Besides the brilliant flow system, I had some issues with the light. I used ADA AQUASKY G 601, but the bottom row of the wall couldn’t get enough light due to the growth of the plants above. To solve this problem, I replaced the plants in the bottom row with rocks and driftwoods. Another way to solve this is to use a stronger lighting system such as ADA Solar RGB. Currently, I am trying to find out whether I can solve this issue by changing the light to ADA Solar I. There’re some small issues with lights, but it is something you can definitely cope with by purchasing stronger lights, or by using layout materials effectively.

Metal halide lamp is also compatible

Overall: Worth It? To Whom Would I Recommend It To? 

Overall, I would say the product is brilliant. It’s just brilliant. Especially for beginners, I strongly suggest purchasing Wabikusa Wall 60 if you’re making an aqua terrarium with 60cm tank. DOOA has been introducing new ways to enjoy the product with land plants since last year. Once you’re confident with Wabikusa, you can step up to another type of land plants without changing the system. Currently, I’ve been keeping the same layout for a year by replacing some plants occasionally. 

So is it worth the price? Honestly speaking, I feel it’s a bit overpriced. The wall doesn’t have the filtering system, but costs as much as a canister filter. As a consequence, I would recommend this product to beginners and to those who don’t have much time to maintain the tank. If you’re skilled enough to build your own water flowing system(or a waterfall), it would be much cheaper. Overall, I can’t say the product is profitable for everyone. However, I’m sure an aqua terrarium with Wabikusa Wall will look awesome in your room!  But remember, every room has its own environment, and I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results!