If you are keeping a planted tank which is ready for welcoming fish, you might consider betta fish as your new mate. The relation between aquatic plants and fish is quite complicated, but don’t worry. This article is simple enough for anyone to understand. So, are you ready to satisfy your stunning Siamese fighting fish?

  1. Keep Your Plants Healthy ALWAYS

When you are keeping a planted aquarium, I would say the priority of taking care of is always the plants. Why? Because plants make the basic environment for fish to live, such as clean water, oxygen, and hiding places. When the plants are healthy, fish are healthy. If your aquatic plants are not looking well, you must check the CO2 systems, substrate, fertiliser, and the light immediately. 

Daily care is the best way to prevent accidents

The idea of planted aquarium, especially Nature Aquarium is to recreate the nature in your tank. Your betta fish are originally from Thailand. Try searching some images of rivers and lakes in Thailand and think about the ideal environment for betta fish. However, it isn’t necessary to choose Asian plants because basically, every aquatic plants prefers the same water condition(such as pH). So as long as you have an appropriate system, you’re fine. Choose your favourite looking plants, but consider how betta fish feel when swimming through the leaves. Make sure they aren’t too hard because they might hurt your bettas’ bodies.

2. Get a Large Tank And Filter

Have you ever seen betta fish sold in little cases or tanks without any filtering equipment at a pet shop? The advantage of keeping betta fish is you don’t need a large tank and other equipments because they can live without using filters. It is true that betta fish are capable of living in such environments, but it won’t make your betta healthy easily. For skilled aquarists, small tank is totally enough for betta fish. However, the purpose in this article is to keep not only betta fish but also aquatic plants. In order to make it possible, I strongly recommend you to get as large tank as you can. Get enough space for planting. Also I recommend you to purchase a filter to make a better environment for aquatic plants. Literally any kind of filter is okay, but choose a one that allows you to change the strength of the flow. As many of you have heard of, betta fish don’t like to be in a place where water flows vigorously

Make sure the strength of the flow is appropriate

3. Make Your Bettas Flare Everyday 

The name “Siamese fighting fish” literally suits betta fish. When more than two betta fish see the others, they flare to make themselves bigger and scare each other. To make this happen in your tank, show a small mirror to your betta fish. This is something you should do everyday as their exercise just like your dog needs to go for a walk everyday. But remember, flaring uses their energy a lot, and it should be kept at minimum. The ideal amount of flaring is less than five minutes per day. After flaring, your betta fish get very knackered, so eliminate as much stress as you can from them. I usually don’t make my betta flare on a day I changed the water. Remember, DON’T put more than one betta fish in a tank. Once they recognise each other, they will flare and fight until one or both of them die. 

4. Recap

Overall, if you want to keep your betta fish as healthy as possible, create a Nature Aquarium scape first. Tank with healthy aquatic plants is the most suitable environment for almost all kind of freshwater fish including betta. When you create an aquascape, just remember not to choose sharp driftwoods and rocks because they can hurt your betta fish. All you need is deep affection for your precious pet!

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