DOOA vs Do! aqua

2017 was a major turning point of ADA (Aqua Design Amano) the world’s most successful aquascaping brand and the founder of Nature Aquarium style aquascape. When you visit a shop with ADA products in stock, most of the time, you will also find products from DOOA. DOOA was launched as ADA’s second brand in 2017 as an alternative for their previous second brand Do! aqua.


Do! aqua products are not being produced officially anymore, but it is likely some shops still have them in stock. Or, you can use flea market apps to get used Do! aqua products. In this article, I will be showing you the differences between the two brands in detail.

1. Concepts

Do! aqua

Do! aqua series is mainly designed for beginners. The price is relatively low compared to the ADA Nature Aquarium Goods series lineups. However, the quality is as good as the ADA NA series.


DOOA’s concept is to grow our imagination and passion by taking the advantage of the aquatic plant’s ability to grow both underwater and emersed.

2. Products

Do! aqua

They are basically the same lineups as the ADA NA series but in the lower price. One of its most popular products was the CO2 Starter Kit. For beginners who are thinking of adding CO2 injections, this is a perfect choice due to its reasonable price. DOOA also have its original CO2 injection set, but the price is much higher. Also, there were some original products such as Plant Glass, Waterfall and Branch. These products are being quite rare these days. Therefore, they are usually sold at a very high price at flea market sites.

Do! aqua also has equipment for large tanks. For example, its largest CO2 diffuser is φ5mm, which can be used in huge tanks such as 180P.

Music Glass φ50mm


DOOA has so many products ADA NA series don’t have. For example, Wabi-kusa Wall and Mizukusa Wall series is a revolutionary product for creating aqua terrariums. Also in 2020, DOOA has launched new paludarium cage with circulator and mist system.

DOOA’s concept is to enjoy cultivating plants freely. Therefore, it does not mean that they are made for beginners… and yes, they are sold at a pretty high price. However, considering the ADA’s effort to develop a new style of interior design, it makes sense.


3. Disadvantage of Second Brand

In most cases, second brand products are not supported by the ADA’s repair service. This means though the product itself is cheap, you need to buy another one if you break it. Especially the quality of CO2 diffuser from those second brands is not that great. So be careful with which you choose!

4. Overall

There are advantages and disadvantages of each product. However, the best way to create a successful aquascape is to choose your equipment with the imagination of how you want to make your art look like. Have fun and enjoy going to the shop to see if any of their styles are up to your liking!