Micanthemum sp. is one of the top-selling carpet aquatic plants. The leaves are slightly smaller and thinner than those of Glossostigma. Therefore, Micanthemum sp. can be used in both small and large tanks. Compared to Glossostigma, Micanthemum sp. grows faster.

1. Basic Information 

pH6.0 – 7.2
KH0.5 – 2.0
ADA BIO Mizukusa no mori

2. Lighting

Micanthemum sp. need strong lights just like many other foreground plants. With appropriate lights, Micanthemum sp. grows vigorously and covers the soil. However, it is difficult to cultivate with weak lighting,

3. Substrate

Micanthemum sp. takes nutrients from its roots. By using aquarium soil, you can easily cultivate it. That being said, if the colour of Micanthemum sp. is not looking well, you might want to consider adding some liquid nutrients.

4. CO2

CO2 injection plays a vital role in growing Micanthemum sp. Unlike Eleocharis parvula, Micanthemum sp. cannot be cultivated without CO2 injection.

5. Planting

First, separate the grass into little bits and plant each bundle using a tweezer. Make sure the roots are under the soil. You don’t need to cover the entire substrate at this point because Micanthemum sp. will gradually grow and makes a carpet within a month.

6. Recap

✔️Micanthemum sp. needs strong lighting

✔️Micanthemum sp. needs CO2 injection