MISTFLOW is an ultrasonic fog generator for planted tanks. This product was originally designed for DOOA System Terra 30 to keep the moisture of the wall parts but it is compatible with any other tanks with emerged aquatic plants. This time, I installed my MISTFLOW in a 60cm wide aqua terrarium, and I would like to show what I like and dislike about this product. But before we get started, take a look at this video!

1. Setup


The setup was much easier than I expected. All I needed to be aware of is the water level must be 1cm above the water level sensor to generate an ideal mist.

Its design is compact and simple so I assume there won’t be any trouble setting it up.

2. Pros and Cons 

  • Pros

The biggest advantage of this product is that it keeps the moisture of the tank superbly. Moisture is very crucial especially in shallow tanks like this. I use DOOA Wabi-kusa Wall 60 in this setup, and the plants on the wall part need an appropriate level of moisture to keep the emerged aquatic plants healthy. MISTFLOW enables you to achieve this with ease.

  • Cons

Despite the fascinating benefits above, there are several problems that I want you to be aware of. First of all, the power generating the mist is too strong in most cases. The mist went out of the tank and splashed on the cabinet. Just as I showed in the video, the cabinet of the tank started to get wet after using MISTFLOW for 10 minutes. After adjusting the water level for a couple of hours, I finally succeeded in making an ideal mist. In order to achieve this, I used another optional accessory from DOOA called MISTFLOW CAP. This product prevents the water from splashing when MISTFLOW is turned on.


When you are using MISTFLOW in shallow tanks, I highly recommend using MISTFLOW CAP with it. As I mentioned above, MISTFLOW is designed for System Terra 30 and Mizukusa Mist Wall. These products have spaces for setting up MISTFLOW so the water doesn’t get splashed.

3. Overall

I would say this product is brilliant. When it came out, I was surprised by the price. It was much lower than I expected. The price may differ according to your country but I think MISTFLOW worths much more than you pay!