Nature Aquarium is a modern form of art that expresses beautiful underwater scenery and the habitat of fish in aquarium tanks. The world’s most famous aquascape brand Aqua Design Amano (ADA) was named after the founder Takashi Amano, a Japanese photographer. This year, Mr Amano’s disciples known as ‘Suikei Creators’ have dedicated themselves to sharing their artworks and photographs taken by Mr Amano for 2 months in Tokyo. This is a great opportunity for aquascapers living in the Tokyo area to see the aquascapes created by Suikei Creators since they are usually displayed in Niigata prefecture, where ADA’s headquarters is located.

In this article, I will share the photos of the aquascapes that I took for those who couldn’t attend this exhibition in person.

1. Photographs 

As soon as you enter the gallery, you will find yourself surrounded by photographs of Mr Amano’s aquascapes. Some of the scapes were created more than 20 years ago, and they are showing how the Nature Aquarium hobby was evolved. Also, Mr Amano’s landscape photographs are truly amazing!

2. Nature Tower 360 °

Then, you will meet a huge aqua terrarium tower with over 250 species of tropical plants. This aqua terrarium is breathtaking and incredibly well maintained. 6 separated aquarium tanks are used for the underwater part, and each tank contains different kinds of aquatic plants and fish.

3. 3m Nature Paludarium

This was the only paludarium in this exhibition. The driftwood was placed naturally with stunning plants and moss.

4. Nature Aquarium 

Finally, you will meet amazing aquascapes made by ADA’s Suikei Creators. I noticed some scapes were introduced in ADA’s YouTube channel. Not only the plants and fish but also equipment are maintained perfectly.


This place is definitely worth visiting if you are interested in aquascaping or cultivating indoor plants. But also, it is friendly for those who do not own aquariums. I am very glad that this exhibition took place in my hometown! I hope everyone around the world will be able to attend next time this kind of exhibition is going to be held!