It is often said that larger tanks are more stable and easier to maintain than nano tanks. For beginners, 60P is the most recommended size. However, this doesn’t mean that nano tanks are not recommended. In fact, I honestly believe that nano aquascape is the best style to decorate your cosy room. Imagine having a nicely planted nano tank on your desk, dinner table, or living room. Small tanks can be displayed practically everywhere, while large tanks (over 60P) need cabinets. In this article, I will show you the best tank size for your interior decorations.

  1. Table or Desk

Up to 45P (34L)

Decent tables or desks are not built for putting heavy items such as aquarium tanks. Therefore, I recommend you to choose as small tank as possible in order to prevent accidents.

For dinner tables or small desks, I highly recommend slim tanks. These slim tanks from a Japanese aquarium brand called GEX are perfectly designed to reduce the capacity without reducing the presence of the scape. (Click the images below to buy on Amazon)

What I like about the GEX Glassterior Slim series is the fact that every tank–even W90cm tank has only 22 cm depth!

2. Shelf

Up to 30cm Cube (25L)

For shelves, I would choose relatively small tanks in order to make it look natural as a part of other interior decorations. Try not to make the tank stand out too much. Also, bottle aquarium tanks can add a good flavour to your shelves.

3. Floor (with cabinets)

Up to 60P

To be honest, if you are using appropriate cabinets, the size is unlimited. However, this article is about making a Nature Aquarium scape as a part of your interior design. In order to achieve this, I would say 60P is the best size because large tanks will make your room look as if it were made for displaying your aquascapes rather than a cosy place to spend your free time.

60cm width aqua terrarium

4. Overall

This website’s purpose is to inspire as many people as possible and feel aquascapes part of our interior. Therefore, the perspective might differ from the other aquarium information sites. If you are interested in room decoration with aquarium tanks, visit my Virtual Aquascape Gallery or Instagram for more photos and descriptions. We do not cover the information on technical knowledge based on scientific facts, but unlike many other sites, we provide the method of displaying aquarium tanks stunningly.

Remember, when you are placing your tanks on desks, tables, or shelves, be aware of the maximum weight. Otherwise, it can lead you to serious accidents or injuries!