In the past few years, tissue culture aquarium plants (or InVitro plants) have become popular among aquascapers all around the world due to the vast number of their benefits. However, some aquascape hobbyists are still sceptical about the potential of the tiny plants. One of my friends, who keeps aquatic plants at his house, once asked me if tissue culture aquatic plants were worth their prices. Of course, my answer to his question was yes, but I totally get why he thought they were overpriced. Since the technology is not yet well known, unfortunately, they are still underrated. But to put it simply, tissue culture aquatic plants are supposedly the most low-priced aquarium plants. Therefore, they can be the wisest choice.

1. What are Tissue Culture Plants?

Tissue culture aquatic plants are young plants cultivated in the nutrient medium. Unlike potted plants, they are usually in sealed cups. Cups are not filled with water but the humidity inside them is kept at 100%.

2. Pros and Cons


✔️Free of algae

✔️Free of pests

✔️Free of snails

✔️Free of pesticides

✔️Free of soil


✔️Grow faster than potted plants


✖︎ Small and delicate

✖︎ Sometimes it Contains more than you need

Tissue culture plants usually grow much faster than potted plants. This is because the roots are painstakingly protected by the nutrient medium. It is unlikely that the plants get damaged. Therefore, tissue culture plants can easily adapt to the water of your tank.

Tissue culture aquatic plants are thought to be more expensive than potted plants. However, this is not true. By considering the number of plants contained in a cup, they are much more profitable. Overall, they are the best choice to economise on plants.

3. How to Prepare 

  1. Take the plants out of the cup
  2. Clean the nutrient medium gently with tap water
  3. Plant them with tweezers

When you use tissue culture aquatic plants, you will notice how easy it is to prepare. Unlike potted plants, you will not be getting any dirt on your hand. The nutrient medium can be removed with ease so the plants will not get damaged.


4. When Should You Use Tissue Culture Aquatic Plants?

It seems like tissue culture plants are always the best choice. However, in some cases, potted plants are prefered. It is when you are adding new plants to your completed scape. Tissue culture plants are so short that they get covered by other plants in the tank, and cannot get enough lights.

The best time to use tissue culture aquatic plants is when you are setting up a new scape. To make your aquascape successful, you need to plant heavily when you are setting it up. Tissue culture plants cups usually contains a vast amount of plants and it allows you to create a heavily planted scape.

5. Overall

The planting is one of the most critical aspects of creating a Nature Aquarium. It requires concentration and imagination. Tissue culture plants are the revolutionary technology that made use spend more time on planting rather than preparing the plants. If you have not used them, give it a try in your next project. I am sure you will be amazed at how fast tissue culture plants grow!