LIGHT SCREEN is an illuminated background for aquarium tanks designed by ADA (Aqua Design Amano). Currently, there are two sizes; 60cm×36cm(60P) and 90cm×45cm(90P). Stunning aquascapes look even more beautiful with a bright, simple background, and LIGHT SCREEN will help you achieve it with ease. In this article, I will inform you what is it like to have an illuminated background on an aquascape.

1.It just got real.

Sumida Aquarium Tokyo Skytree Town (2020)

Many photos you see in aquascaping contests have bright backgrounds. Lighting up the back of the tank increases the amount of definition and makes the structure of the layout clearer.

Lighting up the back of the tank was not easy to achieve at home. Of course, you can always be creative and use a piece of paper and LEDs to lighten up your aquascape. However, in most cases, it doesn’t look sophisticated enough. With ADA LIGHT SCREEN, now you are able to make your scape look just like the ones made by professional Suikei Creators.



2. Specs 

Here is the description from the official site:

LIGHT SCREEN is an easy-to-install LED back screen that can easily be installed with provided hooks on the rear side of aquarium tank and give white background so easily. 
It comes with 2 sizes: for 60cm aquarium tanks (W60xH36cm) and for 90cm aquarium tanks (W90xH45cm). 
It also comes with a blue-gradation film which enables to create a beautiful blue gradational background. 
LIGHT SCREEN has a dimmer switch that enables you to change the brightness of aquascape according to your preference for photo shooting and to optimize the brightness along with lighting from the top. 
Enjoy useful LIGHT SCREEN in a various scenes for your Nature Aquarium.



I think one of the most favourable aspects of the product is the thickness. It’s thinner than 1cm, and therefore it can be attached to tanks placed beside a wall.


3. Lineup (February 2021)

ItemTank Size
LIGHT SCREEN 60W60×H36(cm)
LIGHT SCREEN 90W90×H45(cm)
LIGHT SCREEN 120 Limited productDiscontinued
LIGHT SCREEN 150 Limited productW150×H60(cm)
LIGHT SCREEN 180 Limited productW180×H60(cm)

4. Setup

I would say the setup is pretty easy if you are going to use it without the blue gradation sheet. All you need to do is to attach the product to the tank with the hook. The instructions manual is clear enough for anyone to set up the screen.

However, I found the gradation sheet a little difficult to attach. The sheet is an electrostatic transparent film. And because I was wearing a knit sweater, all the dust and dog’s hair got attracted to the film and I couldn’t get rid of them completely. I don’t think anyone would notice the leftover dust, but that’s where I struggled the most.

5. Review: Is it worth the price?

Overall, I think the product is brilliant. If you are thinking of getting one, I would totally recommend you to go for it. It made my scape look so gorgeous that I can almost spend all day sitting in front of the tank with some tea.

I hear some people are sceptical about the product. When I tell people that I bought a 300 (may differ according to your region) background for my aquascape, they are quick to tell they think it is overpriced. However, personally, I don’t think LIGHT SCREEN is overpriced. It worths more than the price. If you are still unsure about the gorgeousness of the product, go to a shop, or a gallery to see it in person. I’m sure you will love it!