Benefits of Lava Stones

Lava stone is the safest hardscape material in many ways, and not only beginners but many professional scapers prefer using it in their tanks. In this article, I will be introducing the benefits of lava stone, and by the time you finish reading this, I’m sure you will be able to take full advantage of the hardscape material.


1. Won’t raise your pH

For aquascapers or anyone who keeps fish, unstableness of pH is a big concern. Instability is often caused by hardscape material. Generally, gravel and stones raise the pH, which is not favourable for most of the aquatic plants and tropical freshwater fish. Lava stones won’t affect the pH at all and this is why it is said to be the safest option.

2. Great Appearance

ADA Unzan Stone

Lava stone has a very rough texture and a variety of shape. The bumpiness is neither artificial nor unnatural. By taking the advantage of the texture, you can create a refined unique scape. Also, lava stone is relatively fragile rock material. You can easily break it into small pieces so that it fits in your tank.

3. Bacterias can grow on lava stones

As you can see, lava stone is covered by small holes. This is why lava stone has great porous and can be a home for the beneficial nitrifying bacterias. These bacterias will make your water clean and clear. Therefore, just by having a piece of lava stone in your tank, the water is appropriate for fish.

Scapes with lava stones

Wabi-kusa Wall 60
Mini S