Let’s say you have made up your mind to create your first aquascape. The first decision you will need to make is which aquarium tank you will purchase. When it comes to choosing an aquarium tank, the three important aspects are; 1. Appearance 2. Durability 3. Size. In this article, I will inform you why I recommend the ADA Cube Garden series based on the aspects I just showed above. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not forcing you to purchase ADA products! This article is for those who are thinking of purchasing Cube Garden but still holding back or those who want to know why Cube Garden is relatively high-priced.

1. Appearance -Minimum, yet Gorgeous 

ADA Cube Garden is made of high-quality glass whose transparency is higher than almost any other aquarium tank out on market. The glass used in Cube Garden is incredibly thin. For nano tanks, the glass thickness is only 5mm. Therefore, Cube Garden makes you feel as if there’s no glass between you and the scape.

Another thing I must point out is the crafting of the tank. It’s just brilliant. The amount of silicon used to attach the glass is kept at a minimum so there isn’t any smudge of silicon on the glass. Niigata Prefecture, where ADA is headquartered, is famous for the tradition of the glass industry. So no wonder the quality of ADA’s glass products has no parallel!

2. Durability 

Unfortunately, the durability of glass used for Cube Garden isn’t the best in the world. It is as fragile as other aquarium tanks made of glass. However, silicon is unrivalled. In most cases, as time goes by, silicon gets weak, but that isn’t the case for Cube Garden. It is said that Cube Garden can contain water for over a decade!

3. Size

Having only a small space doesn’t mean you can’t choose a high-quality aquarium tank. The smallest Cube Garden is only 20x20x20cm. There is always a perfect Cube Graden for you.

Size(cm) Glass thickness (mm)Capacity (L)
NEW! W45×D27×H20522
NEW! W60×D30×H25541
NEW! W60×D45×H36690

The lineup may change unexpectedly. For the latest information, please check the ADA official website: https://www.adana.co.jp/en/contents/products/na_tank/detail01.html


ADA Cube Garden is arguably the best aquarium tank out on market. You have only one chance to choose a tank for one scape. So you got to decide carefully. I am sure you will never regret choosing Cube Garden!

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