Goodbye, AQUASKY G

AQUASKY series is the first LED light ADA has released. In 2017, AQUASKY G was released as the standard model for small tanks up to 60P, and due to its elegant design and ability to encourage plants to grow dramatically, AQUASKY G has become one of the most popular aquarium lights.

1. AQUASKY G is Discontinued…

Recently, ADA has been working on RGB LEDs witch makes the colour of plants and fish look incredibly vivid. This RGB LED was the game-changer. So here is how it went; when AQUASKY RGB was released in 2019, as the low-priced model for SOLAR RGB, people realised there wasn’t much difference in the price between AQUASKY RGB and AQUASKY G 602. Then, SOL STAND RGB was released for tanks up to 36cm in a price which is as twice as expensive as AQUASKY G 361. Meanwhile, ADA officially revealed AQUASKY G series will be discontinued.

What we can say from this is ADA is trying to make RGB LEDs the new standard light for Nature Aquarium style aquascapes. So in the near future, the lineups will be like this;

60 – 90cmSOLAR RGB ×1
120cmSOLAR RGB ×2
180cm SOLAR RGB ×3

As you can see, currently, there isn’t any lighting for 45P. I guess ADA will release it soon, but I am not really sure when.

2. Review

I own AQUASKY G 301, 361, 451, and 601. Personally, they are the best aquarium lights in the price range. The white LEDs look very natural, and the growth of aquatic plants is pretty fast.



AQUASKY G has a light diffuser cover witch softens the light. Also, the white LEDs are adjusted for green plants to look greener rather than yellowish. I think the colour of the light is quite natural compared to the RGB LEDs.


The appearance of AQUASKY G is one of the most sophisticated and elegant designs of aquarium lights.

3. How to Get AQUASKY G in 2021

If the shop in your neighbourhood still has them in stock, you should get one as fast as possible. If that is not the case, the next option is to get one second-hand. For more details about used aquarium tools, read ‘Is it a Good Idea to Get Aquarium Equipment Second-hand?’

4. Who Shouldn’t Choose AQUASKY Series

AQUASKY series is designed for certain tank sizes such as 30cm, 36cm, 45cm, and 60cm. If the size of your tank is not any of these, you cannot use the light. Also, if you are planning to upgrade your tank to 90P or larger, you will need to choose from the SOLAR series.

5. Overall

AQUASKY being discontinued is one of the saddest news I have heard last year. However, ADA is working on new revolutionary lighting systems using the RGB LEDs. In the Japanese version of this site, I am constantly saying I love SOLAR-I, the previous model of SOLAR RGB with a metal halide lamp because it is quite easy to get SOLAR-I second-hand in Japan. The reason I prefer the metal halide lamp is the natural colour of the light. Just like SOLAR-I, the light of AQUASKY G is also white and natural. If you are feeling the colour of RGB LEDs is too vivid, then AQUASKY G will be a good option for you.

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