Limnophila sp. “Vietnam” is a stem plant that has light green leaves and is relatively small in size. Under specific conditions, this plant has the potential to grow bush-like, which makes it an excellent choice for the midground of an aquascape. This type of growth helps to create a natural appearance that is essential to the overall look of the aquarium.

Plant Data

Name: Limnophila sp. “Vietnam”

Origin: South East Asia

pH: 6.5

Light: High

CO2: Necessary

Limnophila sp. “Vietnam” is a type of aquatic plant that can be grown in a standard Nature Aquarium setup. This setup should include proper lighting, filtration, and CO2 injection, just like many other aquatic plants. The plant grows up to about 10cm, making it relatively small compared to similar stem plants like Rotala sp. This makes it an ideal choice for midground plants.

How to Cultivate Limnophila sp. “Vietnam”

Limnophila sp. “Vietnam” is a relatively new addition to the aquarium hobby and is now available in various forms. The simplest method for cultivating Limnophila sp. “Vietnam” is to purchase the tissue-cultured plant. Although it may appear delicate, the roots are meticulously shielded by the nutrient medium, making it highly unlikely that the plants would be damaged. Consequently, tissue-cultured plants can readily adapt to the water in your tank.

Limnophila sp. “Vietnam” is one of the easiest aquatic plants due to its strength and fast growth rate. However, strong lights and CO2 injection are required to retain the plants’ health and growth.


  • Tissue-culture plant is recommended 
  • Strong light and CO2 injection is required