The canister filter is the heart of the aquascape. It turns your tank filled with water into a flow of natural rivers. When it comes to choosing a canister filter for your tank, EHEIM Classic Series might be the most recommended filter supported by many aquarists. However, the ADA Super Jet Filter series, on the other hand, is definitely the most stunning canister filter in the world. If you are not sure which canister filter to purchase, you are on the right site!

1. Criteria

When I compared these two products, I tried to exclude my opinion as much as I could. In order to do this, I have come up with 7 criteria and rated each product from 1 to 5. The criteria are

  • price (1: overpriced-5: very profitable)
  • quality (1: poor- 5: excellent)
  • quietness (1: very noisy-5: very quiet)
  • parts replacement (1: no replacement parts available-5: many replacement parts available)
  • customisation (1: not customisable at all-5: very customisable)
  • maintenance (1: very difficult-5: very easy)
  • appearance (1: very unattractive -5: very stunning)

Total: 35 points possible

2. Comparison

EHEIM Classic series

  • price: 4
  • quality: 4
  • quietness: 5
  • parts replacement: 5
  • customisation: 4
  • maintenance: 4
  • appearance: 2

Total: 28 points

EHEIM is probably one of the most trusted canister filter brands in the world. In all honesty, I have nothing to say about the quality; it is perfectly designed to retain the phenomenal environment of your tank and an extremely uncomplicated filter system. Therefore, it is common among many aquarists, from beginners to skilled aquascaper for many years. However, the only fly in the ointment is the appearance. EHEIM Classic filter is made of plastic with dark greenish colouring. If you find this design unsatisfying, I recommend you to hide it in a cabinet. However, the tubes and pipes are usually impossible to hide. This is one of the reasons many aquarists use clear tubes and glass pipes instead. Obviously, by changing some parts, you will deduct the benefit of the profitableness of this product.

Overall, the EHEIM Classic Canister Filter is an awesome filter for Nature Aquarium. It is quiet, durable, and profitable.

ADA Super Jet Filter Series
  • price: 3
  • quality: 5
  • quietness: 3
  • parts replacement: 2
  • customisation: 3
  • maintenance: 4
  • appearance: 5

Total: 25 points

Super Jet Filter is obviously unlike any other canister filters; it is made of stainless, and handmade glass pipes are included. It is much more powerful and durable than the EHEIM Classic series.

Lily Pipe Spin P-1 Ø10

However, it makes more noise than EHEIM filters, and this might be a crucial problem that would make some people reconsider purchasing the product. I highly recommend you to visit a store or a gallery using Super Jet Filter for their tanks. If you think you can cope with it, then it will be a perfect filter, especially for those who want to design your tank as a part of your interior design. For relatively small tanks, ADA has recently released Super Jet Filter  ES-150 Ver.2 / ES-300 Ver.2. I haven’t purchased any of them, but by considering their introduction of the products and what other aquarists have told me, I envisage they have got much quieter.

3. Recap

Long story short, both EHEIM and ADA are very brilliant aquarium brand, and it is totally up to you which product you will purchase. By taking a look at the points based on my criteria, EHEIM seems to be superior to ADA. However, ADA has its own philosophy. Please consider this article as one of many perspectives, and try looking for more opinions. I currently own both products, and they both have benefits and disadvantages. Also, there are many other great canister filters. The best way to choose your filter is to have a look at the actual product at a store. Once you have made your decision, you are ready to start designing your stunning aquascape layouts!

Canister Filters make the whole aquascape look incredibly simple.

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